On Ronda's Wings

While never having the opportunity to attend Special Friends Camp, Ronda Higdon embodied everything that we admire about our Special Friends. From her optimism and witty humor to her excitement after receiving a letter in the mail, Ronda brightened the day of everyone in her life. Even in her final days, Ronda's selflessness knew no bounds as she was heard saying how she was ready to go home to Christ but she didn't want to leave her mother alone. One cannot help but smile when hearing how Ronda's love of God and her family triumphed over the struggles of battling an illness.
Ronda loved many things in life, including social outings such as bowling or miniature golf, listening to country music, and working her dream job at Hometown Pizza. She would never pass up the opportunity to dress up with her big sister and get a cup of tea at her favorite tea shop, Sisters. Like many of our campers, Ronda  loved all things Special Olympics and participated in all the sports she could. Ronda was also a social butterfly, whether at church or the store she was always ready to greet her countless friends with a smile and a hug. A hug that is missed by many who had grown accustom to them on Sunday mornings. 
Ronda's sister Stacy reached out to Special Friends to try and set up a scholarship fund in memory of Ronda. Stacy, with the help of Ronda's church, Beulah Land Baptist Church, was able to establish the On Ronda's Wings fund. This fund will go towards keeping the cost of Special Friends Camp, Michigan down for all campers who are attending. Fittingly, the logo that was chosen for the fund (seen above) features Ronda's favorite color, purple, and favorite animal, a butterfly. Ronda's family and friends know that having a fund in her name to help other people learn about Jesus is putting a huge smile on Ronda's face up in heaven.