A Day at Camp

Special Friends Camp is a 5-day/4-night event usually held the end of  July/early August.

A typical day for our campers begins with breakfast in the cafeteria followed by our morning worship (aka Jesus Time). Following morning worship, campers get the opportunity to participate in various camp activities according to the willingness and physical ability to participate. Our morning activities typically take us into lunchtime which is followed by a short rest period to ensure campers are ready for the afternoon! Afternoon activities are up next, and are often followed by practice for our yearly talent show! Dinner comes next and is followed by our nighttime activity. The day is wrapped up with a nighttime snack followed by showers and lights out! A long day for sure, but our excellent staff members ensure each camper has a fun and exciting time!

Daily activities vary at each location but may include:

Horseback riding, archery, boat rides, kayaking/canoeing, low-ropes course, human foosball, gaga ball, reptile house, ziplining, daily swim time, arts and crafts, field games, disc golf, talent show, camp dance, and other activities.

*some activities require more physical ability and discipline than others and may not be offered to all campers to adhere to safety guidelines.