Legacy Award

In the summer of 2023, Special Friends Camp celebrated 30 years of operation in Michigan. At the closing worship service, Thom Sauer and Dennis and Valerie Pieper (pictured from left to right above) were presented with the first ever Legacy Awards in honor of their years of service and dedication. All three were pivotal in the early years of Special Friends Camp and laid the foundation for the camps and ministry we know today. Thom, Dennis, and Valerie were presented with a plaque commemorating their years of service and what they mean to all of Special Friends. 

In addition to the award, it was also announced that Special Friends Ministries has established a "scholarship" fund that will be used to help keep camp affordable, specifically for our returning campers who have been coming for numerous years. In 2024, this fund will be used as financial aid to our campers at our Michigan camp where this all started. In future years we hope to expand this fund to help keep all our camps affordable for all of our Special Friends!